Michelle Manu

• Michelle Manu is a multi-disciplinarian who holds a law degree, with credentials from Harvard Business School.

• She is a 10th degree Black Belt and teacher (Kumu) of the rarely seen ancient Hawaiian Combat Art, Lua.

• Michelle has earned a Juris Doctorate, business credentials from George Washington University, senior executive leadership credentials from Harvard Business School, and is a 2020 candidate for a double doctorate (MscD and PhD) in Metaphysical Science and Philosophy.

• Michelle is an actress and fight choreographer, and a professional Polynesian dancer and teacher.

• Founder and Chief Instructor (Kumu Po’okela) of Nā Koa, Inc., a nonprofit dedicated to the perpetration of the Native Hawaiian war art, Lua. As in Maoli times, Wahine study separately from Kāne. The divisions are Nā Wahine Koa and Nā Kāne Koa. These studies – resulting in wholeness – include Lua, Wellness, and Metaphysical Science and are offered globally through nakoa.thinkific.com.