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Healing the Mind Through the Body
& the Body Through the Mind

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We are refugees from our own biology.

The mission of the Earth Medicine Institute is to create social, psychological, intellectual and spiritual structures that nourish us and our home in profound ways. We recreate the sacred in our lives under the umbrella of Earth-centered living. We take responsibility for our quality of life and choose to become a positive environmental force on our Planet.

From Soil to Soul, Earth Medicine is the act of embracing that which is important,
and will still be important 1000 years from now.
If we are to survive we must return to our roots. Literally. Learn how…

 We are profoundly disconnected from the Earth, from our bodies, from our unconscious “shadow”, and from each other. Somatic awareness is not just some New Age concept; it is our natural state that has been smothered by countless layers of cultural conditioning. “Body-thinking” is our birthright … it aligns us to our core, to our ancestors, and to the Earth itself.

We must reactivate the part of our nervous system that lies dormant. This is our wild nature and it will not be denied.

We can reclaim our birthright. We deserve to feel this Planet within our spine. We deserve to feel our Belovéd’s pain and joy within our belly.

We deserve to come home to who we are.


As mammals, our primary needs (in no particular order) are:

  • Breath

  • Touch

  • Movement

  • Nutritious Food

  • Clean Water

  • Warmth

  • Safety

  • Bonding

  • Sex

As humans, our primary needs (in no particular order) are:

  • Connection to Spirit

  • Creativity

  • A Multi-Generational Mentoring Community

  • Confrontation of the Great Mystery

  • Love

  • Rites of Passage

  • Personal and Collective Meaning in our Lives

  • Emotional Integration

  • Art, Music, and Dance

  • Intellectual Stimulation

These needs are also our primary medicines for *Healing*. All other medicines, including those for *Curing*, follow these.

Our medicines bring us back to Center and help to heal the fractures in our lives. We use them to heal our traumas, our injuries, our families, and our karma. As the Earth Medicine Institute grows, we will offer more and more certifications to help us address these needs as healing modalities.

We want to co-create with you a new medicine, a medicine that uses all the tools that are available to improve our quality of life and that of those we love. While our focus is plant medicine, Earth Medicine is not just about plants. Earth Medicine is concerned with the reclamation of the sane core of our humanity and the health of our planet.

If you have something to teach or something to learn, join us.