Student Testimonials: Earth Medicine

David’s teaching is rather unusual, in that while presenting an amazing amount of ethnobotanical information of medicinal plants and their uses in our lives; we are ‘cross culturally introduced and restored to relationship with the living world and the true joy of our humanity. This guy knows his stuff and delivers “the goods” ~ Francis Kane



The Wildcrafter Certification course has opened my eyes to so many healing plants that I never even knew existed. After learning of their healing properties I now have an appreciation for the “weeds” that are growing in my yard. I am grateful to have learned from David. He shares his vast knowledge freely and clearly. I look forward to learning more. Mahalo David! ~ Holly Engelmann




David’s Earth Medicine Institute classes are a wonderful balance of intellectual information, practice working with plants, field study and group discussion.   It has been very good to learn this information combined with awareness of the special sacredness and potency of these herbs.  I have a deeper understanding of how to use them for self-healing, and also a wider sense of the cultural context and history. ~ Amara Karuna



David is a very special teacher. Always in tune and real with his students, the 7 hour classes are never boring and always interactive, creative, and hands on. The subjects of discussion are taught in a very wholesome way, tying in all sources– from Chinese to Hawaiian medicine– with respect and diligence to the source of his knowledge. After having gone to traditional schools for 16 years this is profoundly the best class I’ve ever taken. ~ Jennifer Ruggles



Being part of Earth Medicine Institute and absorbing our teachers knowledge has been amazing. It’s like opening a book with many books inside. I believe our nature as human beings is experiential. At EMI, we experience the plants, the wisdom they want to share and feel their medicine. Our consciousness is opening more and so the connection with Mother Earth. I’ll never see “weeds” the same way ever again! ~ Maria Arroyo



I moved to Big Island Hawaii and was offered a chance to audit the ‘Wildcrafter Certification Course’ as an Intern at ‘Hawaiian Sanctuary’ in Pahoa and I jumped at this opportunity! After learning so much from every class I am infinitely thankful for this opportunity to ‘sit in’ and learn. Thank you David Bruce Leonard for your wisdom & amazing knowledge! ~ David Roscher


Since I started gardening I have searched for a closer connection toZan_Maya_smallthe plants and have definitely found more than that at the Earth Medicine Institute. Since taking the Wild Crafters’ Certification I can feel the plants offering their aid to the community and I feel completely resourced if one of my family members are to get an “owie” or have a cold. Now when I weed my garden I put the plants into piles and use them for salves, tinctures, or dry them for teas. I can’t wait for the advanced courses! ~ Zan Alexandra Briggs


Maile_strokeUndoubtably a wonderous and exciting class. David clearly has a deep connection to the Earth and doesn’t hesitate to deliver the science and spirituality of plants to the open ears. Even stepping into the class room workspace was healing on a very energetic level. Thank you so much David, and everyone who I  accompanied, for all of the generosity, visually stimulating experiences, silly laughs, gorgeous food, major inspirations and the ever-teaching values of the plants and seeds around us. ~ Maile Melcher






 From fire starting to shelter building to wild foods gathering to orienteering and astronomy and much more. I feel this course led by David Bruce Leonard has definitely assisted in my knowledge and ability to fend for myself in the wild and would recommend it for anyone interested in gaining proficiency in dealing with the great outdoors! ~ Charles Thomas Mort






It was truly an honor to study with you and your class was completely wonderful. I am so grateful to have you as my mentor and I look forward to many collaborations in the future! Mahalo for your wisdom. ~ Deanna Rose, Indigo Herbals