Ed Fell

Ed Fell is a hybrid, part wise fool, shit stirrer and compassionate Elder. He is a hunter and gatherer, collecting and then feeding his followers bits of wisdom and Truth.   Ed has a life-long commitment to learning while offering experiences for individuals, couples and groups in Shadow Integration, Love, Sex and Intimacy and Community Building ‘WE’ groups along with rites of passage initiatory workshops through the Mankind Project. Ed’s a Leader Emeritus with that same organization. He leads with heart and kindness in all he does.  Ed is relentless in pursuit of awakening and is afflicted with the condition of never being satisfied, always curious, and passionate about our next step towards our mutual Evolution.

Current Offerings:
The Light in the Shadow: Mastery through Shadow Integration
Sex, Love and Intimacy: What we need to learn that we’ve never been taught.

WE groups: Building small sustainable, resilient and vibrant communities through Matrix (WE) Processes.  (MatrixLeadership.com)