Student Testimonials: Self Protection


FAST Defense is a class that every single woman should take. This is for all ages, but especially for teenage women. You work together as a group, as a team. I felt incredible united with the women. I did not know anyone else in the class when I got here, and I’m walking out now with women who I know support me. The information and education that both David and Sabrina offer is invaluable. It’s a scary subject to think and talk about, yet it is really something that can empower who you are and how you walk around in the world. The techniques are easy to learn, there is such a safe space that is created, and then we actually put them into practice, full force. So I am not actually worried about remembering anything because I know the information is in my body memory and therefore I feel really empowered and truly at peace. ~ Jodi Baygood



The class felt very nourishing and real. I really appreciate David and Sabrina’s honesty, humor, and sincerity. The class was really powerful and potent in helping me access the place inside where I can respond effectively and to trust my reaction in a situation that could be dangerous. I really felt like the tools were programmed into my limbic system and that I now have access to them. They are encoded in my being now. There is a level of relaxation that I can have in a situation where there would potentially be danger, because I now trust my body’s ability to respond. I would recommend this to any woman, no matter what age. It is very good work. ~ Holly Anne Malloy


This has been such a wonderful experience to learn about how to protect myself. I discovered this deep animal instinct inside me that has always been there, but I never knew how to access it. Now I feel empowered and strong and I know that I can protect myself. I think this should be taught to every woman, especially young women. It is so important that they know how to protect themselves. I now have the ability to protect myself, to save a life. That’s a gift. ~ Bo Xavier

Thank you for teaching the class. I had no idea before how powerful it would be for me. Please let me know of future advanced classes. I am very interested in continuing with the training. I came to the FAST self defense class without knowing what to expect. David and Sabrina started by talking about how it was a safe space, how things might come up for each of us, and we were held by them and the other people in the class. I have been to various classes/meetings where that has been said, but during and after this class, I really felt the truth of it. There were some triggers for me during the class, feelings I didn’t expect or quite know their source, but I found myself shaking and tearful. Sabrina and David held space for that. They both looked at me and let me feel it, while letting me know they were there. I could let those feelings come up and continue through them. For me, after the class it felt like an act of self care. It was a positive act of empowering myself to take care of myself, body as well as heart. The physical nature of the class allowed a lot of emotional movement for me. I am deeply appreciative of the curriculum, the teachers, and the brave women I took the class with, who let themselves be vulnerable and empowered, which is such a positive model of womanhood. Thank you. ~ Emi Stirm



This class was a great experience, though not what I expected. I thought it would be mostly physical, when in reality there were more mental connections. The instructors were fun, likable, and effective. I loved how they went through the ABCs, Awareness, Boundaries, and Combat. I learned to never disregard my intuition and to never, never give up. Thanks, David, for giving me the chance to feel the adrenaline rush in a safe environment. ~ Laura Campbell, Hana, Maui






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David Bruce Leonard’s Women’s FAST Self Defense training course focuses on simple maneuvers done in a high adrenaline state as to trigger muscle and brain memory when confronted with conflict. Besides the physical we also discussed common traits of victims as well as common characteristics of perpetrators which related to verbal and nonverbal de-escalation of conflict as to avoid violence altogether.

I’m surprised at how affected I am by the training. I feel stronger inside and out and better equipped to deal with any physical or emotional violence inflicted on me. I highly recommend this training for women of ALL ages, but especially urge mothers of pre-teens and teens to invest in this for their daughters. What I learned yesterday I wish I had learned fifteen years ago. ~ Kyra Bramble


I have always wanted to learn self defense so when the opportunity to take this class arose I signed up…..and I am so glad I did! The way the course was taught makes total sense – we learned and practiced one technique after another until we really knew them, and by the end of the day I felt confident I could take care of myself in a multitude of situations. David, Sabrina and Jodi created a very supportive environment, which made all the difference in making us feel comfortable about practicing the skills we were learning. I would recommend this class to all women – I wish I had taken it years ago. ~ Debra Merle