Jerzy Kokurewicz

Jerzy Kokurewicz is the Author of “The Sacred EarthWalk” book series including the forthcoming “Wisdom of the Elders”. Jerzy is also an artist, intuitive life coach, a speaker and entrepreneur. He has over 50 years of experience in the exploration of culture, and spiritual awareness including the blending of mind, body and soul into a unique style of engagement, lifestyle and leadership. He is also the creator of the “Sacred EarthWalk Wisdom” which he teaches through his books, seminars, and workshops.

For the past 25 years Jerzy has sat with Native Elders all across the United States and Canada, as well as in Poland, Mexico, Australia, Hawai`i, Thailand, India, and the Maya-lands of Guatemala, and has spent many years with Algonquin and Ojibwe Elders who took him in, adopted him, and taught him in the path of the Medicine Wheel.

Jerzy is a businessman and an entrepreneur and an Elder within the ManKind Project, a world-wide men’s organization of over 70,000 men that is dedicated to the work of making the world better, one man at a time.

Jerzy helps mission-driven individuals share their unique message, live in alignment with their true purpose, enjoy deeper happiness and create more abundance in their business and family life. It’s an invitation to open up to a wider understanding of how Life moves within all of us. With that understanding, the purpose of his books is to show how we as individuals can more easily be transformed in this world with integrity and hope.