Youngia japonica

PLANT NAME: Youngia japonica (L.) DC.Youngia_japonica_02

OTHER NAMES: Chondrilla lyrata, Crepis japonica, Prenanthes japonica, Prenanthes lyrata, Prenanthes multiflora, Youngia lyrata, Youngia thunbergiana.

COMMON NAMES: Oriental hawksbeard, asiatic hawksbeard [English].

FAMILY: Asteraceae (daisy family).

CATEGORY: Clear heat and poison ~.

PROPERTIES: Sweet, bitter, cool.

PLANT PART USED: Whole plant.

PREPARATION OF MEDICINE: Decocted. Mashed for topical use.

WESTERN FUNCTIONS REPORTED:Antidote; anti-inflammatory; antitussive; diuretic; febrifuge.Youngia japonica 3988


  • Clears heat & reduces inflammation.

  • Drains dampness.

RANGE: Native to Southeast Asia.

RESEARCH: Methanol extracts of Youngia japonica are antibacterial [Yang 1995].

ENERGETIC CAUTIONS: Caution with cold deficient Spleen / Stomach ~.


  • Although it is sometimes difficult to find enough to use in a a formula, it can be useful as a second level (back-up) herb in formulas for infections. Similar plants might include Stachytarpheta, Vernonia, Emilia, Taraxacum, and Sonchus. First level (primary) herbs might include Bidens, Musa, Waltheria, Prunella, Hedyotis, or Usnea.