Juniperus communis

Plant name:Juniperus communis

Family: Cupressaceae

Common names: Juniper [USA], Gorst [England], Genevrier [France], Wacholder [Germany] Gui [China]

Properties: Acrid bitter sweet warm

Energetic Functions: 1) Expels wind dampness, 2) warms the interior expels cold, 3) invigorates blood, 4) drains dampness


  • Expels wind dampness: Expels wind cold dampness, joint pain, rheumatic pain, arthritis.

  • Warms the interior expels cold: Spleen Kidney yang deficiency with pale tongue, soggy pulse, morning diarrhea.

  • Invigorates blood: Uterine blood stagnation, painful menses, injuries.

  • Drains and transforms dampness: Chronic UTIs, urinary stones, clear white vaginal discharge.

Part used:The fruit

Caution: Not in pregnancy, may cause uterine contractions. Use only in cold conditions.

Notes: Juniper can cause the urine to smell like violets. (Not a bad side effect under certain circumstances!) May be used just prior to delivery to enhance labor.