Cyperus rotundus

PLANT NAME:  Cyperus rotundus L.

COMMON NAMES: Xiang fu (“fragrant appendage”) [China]; nutgrass [English]; bathakanda, korai, musta, mustaka, mutha mutha, matasola; tiririca [Amazonia]; co cu, huong phu [Vietnam]; heung fu [Cantonese]; hyangbu [Korea]; kobushi [Japan]; mandassi [Cameroon (C. articulatus)], chufa [Egypt (C. esculentus)]; piri-piri (C. corymbosus) [Amazonia]; junco [Panama].

FAMILY: Cyperaceae (sedge family).

HABITAT: Where ever it wants, but often in moist soil with full sun.

TOXICITY: None noted.

CAUTIONS AND CONTRAINDICATIONS: Caution with constipation.

ENERGETIC CAUTIONS: Drying. Caution with Yin deficiency or Blood heat.

Jeffrey C. Yuen calls Cyperus rotundus a “Hun” herb: One that is used for dealing with the past or future. It can be used when we are frustrated that things are not turning out the way you’d planned.
Xiang fu is rated 8th amongst 250 possible antifertility plants in China [Duke 1985].