Abutilon indicum – Abutilon grandifolium


Common names: Abutilon [US] – Atibala, Khangi [India] – Dong kui zi, Mi lan cao [China] – Guimauve [Guadaloupe]

Properties: Sweet, moistening, neutral to cold.

Part used: Whole plant.

Preparation: Dry under sun. Decoct Dosage: 15-30 grams.

Similarly used species: Abutilon grandifolium


Western Actions:

Lowers fever – Anti-inflammatory – Expectorant – Increases flow of urine. [China] – Aphrodesiac – Tonic – Protects lung and bladder mucous membranes. [India]


Energetic Actions:

Clears heat and dampness. – Opens the orifices. – Invigorates blood.[China]


Deafness – Ringing in the ears – Earache [China] – Eye problems [Africa] – Colds, high fever, mumps, hives [China]

Fever [India] – Pulmonary tuberculosis [China] – Cough, bronchitis (decocted) [India] – Lack of urination. [China]

Difficult/painful urination [India] – Diabetes, thirst [India] – Painful menses [India] – Carbuncle [China]

Hemorrhoids [India] – Hernia [China] – Diarrhea, worms. [India] [China] – Infusion, poultice or paste for Boils, ulcers. [India]

Caution: Use with caution in pregnancy.