Sunny Savage


Sunny Savage is the Earth Medicine Institute’s instructor of wild edibles.

Sunny has been living an earth-centered life for as long as she can remember. Born to back-to-the-land parents in the middle of the Smoky Hills State Forest, Sunny spent her early years without electricity and running water in northern MN. After living in Antarctica for a year, she knew that food was her passion. At 19 she and her mother began delving into herbal medicine, where she had an ‘aha moment’ reading in herbal books that some of those plants were in fact edible. An insatiable curiosity for wild food plants and travel led her to a BS in Dietetics and an MS in Nutrition Education, along with travel to every continent before her 30th birthday.

Sunny in Wild Mustard FieldHost and Associate Producer of the currently airing television series ‘Hot on the Trail with Sunny Savage’, Sunny helps us untame our lives by incorporating wild foods into our modern-day diets. This lifestyle show combines adventure in wild places with the harvesting, processing, and preparation of wild foods over an open campfire or using a solar oven. Her message is about living a life of balance with the Earth and with ourselves. In 2007 she started the eco-clothing company Savage Designs, with the vision of creating stylish clothing made from wild plants. Using wild plant fibers like nettle and milkweed, mixed with organic cotton, eucalyptus, and others natural fibers, the dream continues to evolve. She currently sells botanically-infused garments on the island, which have been dyed with wild plants and infused with aromas that she ethically wildcrafts and distills on Maui.

Her ancestors include pirates, diplomats, farmers, doctors, and a writer of the French constitution. Her ancestor Thomas Savage arrived on the second boat into Jamestown in 1607, at 13 years old. Shortly after arriving he was part of a political exchange that ended in him spending the next several years living with Chief Powhatan and his famous daughter Pocahontas.

Helping to reveal the wild in us all, Sunny says of her work, “Having just returned to the island from living on a sailboat for the last 3 years, a trip which included interviewing people from over 40 countries, I see that these Earth-centered skills are gifts to be shared. Gathering in community at this time to share the practice of loving this Earth are paramount for future generations of all species.”

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